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We attach great importance to each player fulfilling academic obligations. VILAS Academy will always give priority to these needs in order to adapt the attendance to the trainings and the fulfillment of the academic course.


A unique, online independent school for pupils aged 12 to 18

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Welcome to Minerva’s Virtual Academy at Vilas Tennis Punta Cana.

A unique 100% online independent school for athletes aged 12-18.

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Minerva’s Virtual Academy is built upon four pillars.

cirtual education for athletes

Virtual Learning Platform

Each day, our young athletes log into Minerva's Virtual Learning Platform at their club environment. Here, they work through virtual modules of academic work set by Minerva's teachers, at their own pace. These modules contain video, audio, text and discussion-based teaching materials. They deliver a challenging and gamified GCSE and A Level learning experience, giving pupils the power to reflect, revise, test, then master and move on the next topic.

Live lessons

For the all important face-to-face contact, students log in for Live Lessons after they have completed a module of work on the VLP. Minerva's Live Lessons are led by highly experienced teachers who help pupils deepen and apply their learning. By running through what pupils have already learned, our teachers ensure their knowledge has been retained and fix remaining gaps. These lessons are timetabled so each pupils knows exactly when to log in.

virtual education for athletes


Unlike other schools, each athlete es assigned a personal mentor to help bring out the best in them. A true ally on the pupil's educational journey, their mentor meets with each pupil fortnightly and can be contacted at any time via email or chat. It is the mentor's job to oversee all aspects of our pupil's academic progress, including their self-study schedule, pastoral wellbeing and involvement in school life. Mentors help guide student athletes stay on top of their studies and wellbeing whilst balancing their sporting commitments wit their learning.


Here's where it all comes together. We create an entire ecosystem around our athletes so they become part of a true school community, making friends with other students who are similar to them in many ways. They'll meet young footballers, tennis players, swimmers, West End stars, musicians - all kind of pupils who are striking out on a different path and need time and support to focus on their early careers.

Tennnis training programms with virtual education at punta cana

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virtual education for athletes

advantages of student-atheletes joining Minerva's Virtual Academy

Created for students who want a top academic education as well as the best sporting experience.

The perfect balance between sport and education

Less hours in the classroommeans more hours can ve dvoted to training.

Better performances

A quality education can lead to better performances and more rounded individuals.

No disruptions

There are no disruptions to the athletes education. All lessons are recorded if the athlete is unable to attend.

Dedicated 1-to-1 mentoring

ensures the student is on track academically and a players mental well being is under continous supervision.

World Changers

Broad identities are important to cope with setbacks in sport. Our “World Changers” program helps stimulate a love of learning beyond the sport.

Collaborative approach

Our collaborative learning approach ensures a team ethic to learning and fosters friendships beyond school.

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Vilas Tennis Academy in Punta Cana

virtual education for athletes
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About Minerva Virtual Academy

Founded in 2014, Minerva Tutors are the UK’s leading provider of private homeschooling and tutoring for children aged 5-18.

With multiple national business and education awards to their name, Minerva has a proven track record in delivering highly effective online education.

Champion Making

In 2020, Minerva Tutors launched Minerva’s Virtual Academy, an award-winning, 100% online independent school for pupils aged 12-18.

Throughout this time, we’ve worked with hundreds of talented athletes and their families. We have a “cahmpion making” mindset when it comes to education – introducing goal-based learning techniques in all our virtual and in person teaching.

Do you want to know more? Schedule a Video call for your family with our Academy managers.