Vilas Tennis Education Program

Long Term Education Program

Vilas Tennis Academy is founded with the same philosophy that brought Guillermo Vilas to the top, revolutionizing the world of tennis, introducing a new style based on the principles of hard work, dedication and winning mentality leading to a path that includes 62 ATP titles, 4 Grand Slams and 1 Master.

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Since its creation, Vilas Tennis Academy has developed young players, on the tennis court as well as in the classroom. Training methods developed at Vilas Tennis Academy allow each of our players to complete both intensive tennis and school, in a highly challenging environment, with the ultimate goal of becoming a professional tennis player or to play college tennis with a scholarship. During their training at Vilas Tennis Academy, players not only learn how to increase their level and knowledge, they also discover how to become independent and self driven, how to handle pressure of everyday life, how to push their mental and physical limits day after day. Vilas Tennis Academy teaches players how to become responsible adults, capable of conducting their life, on the tennis court, and life.


Creating athletes who are performing at the highest level on the court and in the classroom, while developing their character and their drive for effort.

Overview Education Program

Vilas Tenis Academy in partnership with Agora International School that belongs to the NACE group of educational centres, has the commitment to international educational innovation and high academic and social performance, without renouncing the idea of giving personalised attention meeting the needs of a young tennis player student. We propose a tri-lingual education, mixed and non-confessional, respecting the beliefs of every family and open to an enriching process of dialogue.

International Approach

Over 30 nationalities are represented at AGORA

Training plan

We introduce a customized training program to improve high quality training and an excellent atmosphere with a team of experts. Vilas system is unique and exclusive developed by Guillermo Vilas and his team.

The Academy guarantee assistance, training and personal program according to each player age and level, including: technical tutor, specific physical training programs, psychological follow up, coach managed games and periodic player evolution reports.
Experienced coaches are training the players selected by level with the top goal of becoming great tennis players.
The Academy carry out a personalized work with each player in order to get the best performance of each one.

Stage 1

  • Player Evaluation
  • Physical & Physiological Aspects
  • Technical & Tactical Aspects
  • Design of specific and unique plan
    of work for the player
  • Sport Director Report

Stage 2

  • Own routines
  • Automation of new techniques
  • Evolution psychological ability in
  • Sport Director Report and Meeting

Stage 3

  • Tactics of play for high level
  • Get own variants of play according
    to the individual characteristics for
    your game
  • Mental approach of competition
  • Sport Director & Tournament
  • Coach General Evaluation of



Inside the challenge

Vilas Tennis Academy and Agora Portals daily co-work is based on providing students with the necessary knowledge following educational project based on excellence and innovation. This process is complemented by a strong commitment to values education. In order to become citizens in each year, students learn in an interdisciplinary way with the values that we believe are most needed in our today’s society. Vilas Academy and Agora Portals, has the following areas:

  • Dignity and Respect. We believe that one has dignity and respect for other only when he has it for himself. Our Secret is based on an objective, the Dignity and Respect we have for ourselves and for others.
  • Self-improvement
  • Effort
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Tolerance
  • Objective: Dignity and respect.
  • Responsibility. Once secured the two gears that move our project, we can influence the importance of our actions, our thoughts, our tasks, our environment. To be responsible or have responsibilities we need to be decent and respectful. As our students grow, mature and develop, they acquire the necessary responsibility that allows them to apply their learning in all areas of their lives.
  • Companionship and Effort. Immersed in the culture of effort and discipline, we understand the educational process as a challenge, a goal, a goal divided into smaller goals that, through hard work ,perseverance, self-improvement, discipline and thoroughness, the students at Agora Portals will achieve. But as the end does not justify the means, this path should be based on kindness, respect, trust, generosity, gratitude and solidarity. Cooperative work is an essential tool in our ideology. Humility. Within our project we must understand differences, integrity, selflessness, willingness to help others… Since we believe that being humble with others allows us to grow internally. Educating without humility, the big heads will win one day. Instead, humility will make them be respected all their life. Through a process of educational coaching, our students learn to manage their emotions, their fears, their concerns… always guided by committed staff and aware that our mission, beyond the academic and / or disciplinary , is designed to influence, converge and make our students flow, forming valid citizens for today’s society.

A key factor in this environment of respect and tolerance is the atmosphere one feels in every corner of Vilas Academy and Agora Portals, thanks to the numerous different cultures in our school and that lead to a social and emotional enrichment that benefits all the educational community.


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The Old City

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