For anyone who enjoys practising a sport, an active holiday would be a great option. Choose an original experience and have a tennis holiday for beginners in a dream touristic place like Mallorca. It is a great way to try tennis for the first time and to get acquainted with the sport.

What makes a beginners tennis holiday an exceptional experience?

    1. Stay active on a holiday
    2. Try a new sport and start your tennis journey
    3. Meet people that share your passion for the sport
    4. Enjoy a beginners tennis holiday in a sensational place

1. Stay active on a holiday

Tennis is a sport that keeps the whole body active. Providing muscular strength and agility, it is an excellent cardiovascular and aerobic exercise and, in addition, it provides a greater mental dexterity.

In a tennis academy, beginner classes are guided by professional trainers who teach this sport with passion, transmitting the values and basic techniques. Only in a few days, you can get the best results for those who start in tennis. With fun training, in a group made up of people who have the same sport level, you can acquire a good base to raise passion and captivate the desire to continue with the practice of tennis when you return from your trip.

2. Try a new sport and start your tennis journey

Starting your tennis training during the holidays has as an incentive that you can combine training sessions with exploring the charms that the chosen destination offers you.

A gentle touch and the professionalism of the tennis coaches assure that you will both have a great time practising and will learn how to play. Tennis is a complex sport, but it is possible to see the results after as little as a few days or a week of training. Tennis holidays are well-suited for beginners, and group training would be a good choice for a program, as it would allow you to get to know the tennis game in an interactive environment.

beginners tennis holidays

3. Meet people that share your passion for tennis

Before starting your training session, you would have a level test that is used to create the training groups of 4-6 people. The groups are also created so that players of similar age group can train together.

The atmosphere of game and competition that follows all training sessions during the tennis holidays is highly motivating. The classes are very fun, and they create a link between the group and the coaches.

You can share both classes and free time with the people that make up your group. You can make excursions, go on walks and hikes, share meals, and explore the island together if you like. Tennis holiday is a great way to meet new people and create friendships.

4. Enjoy a beginners tennis holiday in a sensational place

The climate of Mallorca is ideal for a tennis holiday for beginners. During the free time between classes, you can enjoy the beaches, the crystal-clear sea, water sports, excursions to the Serra Tramuntana (declared World Heritage by Unesco), visit the emblematic towns and their cultural and historical spaces. And of course, taste local cuisine and discover authentic flavours of the Mediterranean.

Your tennis holiday can be five stars if you choose to take advantage of hotel offers and packages that your academy has prepared. Great location, all the necessary facilities for relaxation, customized service and transfers – everything is in place so you can be completely free of stress about the organization of your trip.