Sport is essential for the development and education of kids. A child that practices sports will acquire better physical and psychological characteristics, also, the sport will prepare kids better for their adult life. Here we tell you what are the benefits of tennis for kids.

What benefits will tennis training bring to kids?

  1. Physical benefits
  2. Psychological benefits and cognitive abilities
  3. Socializing benefits

1. Physical benefits of tennis for kids

Tennis provides various physical benefits to a child during his stage of growth. During a tennis training, conditions are given for a good physical development that will give strength to the kid’s body, acquiring:

  • Bone strength and muscle development, which will make the child grow healthy.
  • Cardiovascular and aerobic endurance, linked to the time they spend running on the track, with constant movements and sudden stops.
  • Speed, flexibility, agility and balance, provided by the movements that will improve their reaction and help them change direction quickly, improve fast movements backwards, sideways, jumps, movements to approach the net, for the serve, etc.
  • Gross and fine motor coordination, achieved both in the movements on the track and in the precision shots to the ball. These abilities bring great control of the body.
  • Manual eye coordination, which is acquired with the precise blow to the ball with the racket.
  • Reinforcement of the immune system. Sport contributes to resistance to diseases and improves health because children are taught what products to eat, guiding them to a proper diet for competitions or training.

2. Psychological benefits and cognitive abilities

Tennis brings both psychological and cognitive benefits. During tennis training, the child acquires skills that will be very useful for adulthood:

  • Tennis helps develop attention and concentration. Your child will achieve the ability to maintain attention and to concentrate on the activity he or she is doing.
  • It stimulates reasoning and analysis. Kids acquire skills that will encourage tactical thinking, strategy planning, problem-solving, the ability to anticipate the action and develop ingenuity.
  • Power the personality. Your kids will gain confidence and the capacity for self-improvement and self-criticism.
  • Tennis develops competitiveness. The child will feel encouraged to excel and, also, to win.
  • Acquire discipline. In tennis, discipline is required, both by the rules established by the game and by behaviour, which the child will incorporate during the entire time he practices this sport. Learn to respect authority, respect other children, opponents, accept the decisions and instructions of coaches and referees.
  • Tennis will help your kids learn to motivate themselves and set goals. In tennis, training children are encouraged to be motivated and try to set goals to improve each day. This motivation will be part of the entire instruction process.

3. Socializing benefits of tennis for kids

Tennis is a great way to learn how to interact and socialize with other kids. There are many people that your kids will interact with: teammates, opponents, coaches, etc.

In a tennis academy, children will play with other children, with other adults and, from these relationships, the sense of team, of belonging to a group will be born. The competitive nature of the sport will help create the bond and to test it with challenges that reflect the challenges of adult life. Thus, tennis training becomes a model exercise where kids obtain necessary knowledge and communication skills that will help them to achieve success in their adulthood.

Tennis training will help your child to create a new circle of friends outside the school environment, where they will share training, games, competitions, creating new bonds and working on achieving common objectives.

Playing as a team will empower children to learn to listen to their fellow players and learn the importance of cooperation and communication to achieve group success.