When choosing a tennis holiday program, a good practice is to analyse all available information to make the right decision. For this, first of all, it is important to have a clear decision about the destination of the holiday and the additional services or activities that are important for you, both for sports practices and for leisure activities and logistics and accommodation services.

What factors should be considered in a tennis holiday program once the destination has been chosen?

  1. What does a tennis holiday program include?
  2. What leisure activities are available?
  3. What kind of additional services are provided?

1. What does a tennis holiday program include?

The first step is to examine what the tennis holiday program consists of and if it meets the objectives you intend to achieve. Also, depending on how you want to make your trip (alone, with friends, as a couple, with family, with children), you should check if the program includes different options according to these conditions.

Within the characteristics of the program, here are some points you should consider:

  • If the program is suitable for different levels (beginners, professionals) and different ages. Generally, the academies do a level test to define the training groups.
  • If different options of training are offered: group and/or individual classes. It is important if you choose to train in a group, that the classes are oriented to people of the same age and level. In addition, make sure the groups are small and consist of around 4 people, as this is the optimum number of people where the coach can focus on each player.
  • How many hours you will train on track
  • If the program includes physical training to improve physical condition
  • What the training methodology is and what objectives it will help you achieve
  • On what type of tracks the training is carried out
  • If you train with several coaches

2.What leisure activities are available?

On a tennis holiday program, in addition to sports training, it is also important to have fun. The program can include leisure activities that you can enjoy in your free time. Choose an academy that will help you to enjoy the wonders offered by the chosen destination as much as possible. Take hiking trails, enjoy the beach, visit places of cultural and historical interest, experience restaurants where you can savour the local cuisine, take boat trips, there are very interesting options that will make your tennis trip a unique experience.

Tennis holidays are a great opportunity to meet new people who enjoy the same sport. With organized leisure activities, not only the training sessions will be shared with the new partners, but also the moments of fun. It is an excellent opportunity to create bonds with the group and make friendships that will last.

Another point to consider is the benefits that the academy has. Some facilities such as swimming pool, bars, restaurants or spaces destined to relaxation and resting between the training sessions will be a great complement for your tennis holiday program.

3. What kind of additional services are provided?

To make your tennis holiday experience easier and more comfortable, some academies offer accommodation in the hotels nearby and also offer transfer services from the airport to the hotel. It would be an excellent choice to leave all worries behind and dedicate your time only to training and fun.

Often, the academies located in sun and beach have the partnerships with hotels near the beach, SPA services and more, offering services that are designed to help travellers to enjoy their tennis holiday to the fullest. The opportunity to combine the training sessions with relaxing moments on the beach, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, practicing water sports (paddle surfing, kite surfing, diving) and doing other outdoor activities (taking walks along the coast, doing excursions, visiting sites of interest), are an incentive for a perfect tennis holiday, where sports and tourism combine perfectly.

The have a memorable trip, you need to find a good tennis holiday program, that will be suitable to your level and will help you to learn new techniques, improve the game, strengthen physically and mentally and, in addition, will provide good leisure activities since, after all, it’s a holiday.