Tennis recruiting is a market that helps you processing your profile to establish a connection with the right coach. You can do it via academies with an academic advisor.

How to start a tennis recruiting process? During the first year of High school, it is very important to establish the best player you will be in the future. Narrowing down, looking closely, and determine the needs are a must before considering college tennis recruiting. Choosing a college sport has advantages. Let’s take a deep look inside.

Tennis recruiting is sometimes considered stressful because of its stats and rankings. You must be clever, bright capable, and even probably gifted to find the perfect school that meets your expectations.

Keep in mind you will deal with rankings in order to make the work for both, coaches and students, easier. Moreover, you must have the right information in the process – again, to stay away from the chaos – of choosing college tennis recruiting.

Firstly, coaches will look up to your profile and then you will start getting offers. You should be seeing tennis recruiting as a tool to understand your needs, expectations, and restraints. There are some academic advisors, also called counsellors, that will help you with your academic and sport concerns.

tips to join college tennis recruitmentFollow these tips for college tennis recruiting

  1. Make a list
  2. Résumé
  3. Enter your profile
  4. Be consistent
  5. Maintain your grades
  6. College tennis recruiting video

Playing college tennis can be a challenging process. We advise you to get on coaches’ radar as soon as possible. The sooner you get the right one, the easier will be the procedure.

1. Make a list

You need to make a list of schools that might be of interest. Once you have chosen one, stay focus on the different coaches the school is offering. According to some rules, players are contacted after their junior year of high school.

2. Résumé

Then, it is time to start a résumé, so you get a second glance from hiring managers. We know how hard it could be, so here we provide some tips to avoid staring at the blinking cursor:

  • Choose a good format (avoid tiny fonts or extra jargon)
  • Download a resume template
  • Prepare a resume outline
  • Write the experience section
  • Start the education section
  • Make it legible
  • Be consistent
  • Focus on your skills and attributes
  • Write a creative resume
  • Avoid frequent mistakes
  • Get proofreading (ensure it is error-free)
  • Study a professional resume service
  • Use writing strategies

 3. Enter your profile

The Internet is a complex landscape integrated into our daily lives. It is a massive and world-wide library and valuable for any subject. It is also called as the limitless space of information where very odd people go to get a feed of new knowledge. It can alter conventional, social and collective practices.

So, if you want to play college tennis, do not hesitate to create your profile at Tennis Recruiting where coaches are eager to find the right player. This website has become a must for all who wish to play college tennis. Profiles can be made at any age and it has a follow-up of your tournaments.

4. Be consistent

Do you know what is the most important aspect of training? To succeed and forward progress in life, consistency is a must. Sport is not for your entire life, but if you do not give up on it, you still can play well until the age of 40 or even sometimes 50.

The training must be well-designed, so it will maximize results, that is what you want to reach, isn’t it? Find a proper one that mingles stress and recovery. Motivation and five-day-per-week training is the perfect one, no matter what people say about six days. Keep in mind that a successful training followed with energy and precision, is better than one that makes you feel tired and unexcited.

Schedule your training time each day. Mornings are better than evenings, as body and mind are more focus on this daytime. However, once you get a coach, it will be easier to make the most of your training and lifetime. Do not make a random plan. Instead, make one four weeks in advance to train big, smartly and consistently.

Bear in mind, you want to polish your skills and get out on the courts.

maintain your grades in college tennis recruitment5. Maintain your grades

Do not forget, the goal is to become a student-athlete. Grades must be high enough to get into the college and to be chosen by the right coach. Here you have some tips:

  • Finish your homework on time
  • Show up in class
  • Be organized
  • Be disciplined
  • Be focused

6. College tennis recruiting video

You might have chosen this way to show your skills. To smash it, get a good camera and make your video plan perfectly.

Open it up with an amazing introduction. Nearly all coaches do not go forward to the middle of the video. They want to listen to you and get an impression. You should include the following answers:

  • Where are you from?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your graduation date?
  • What do you want to start studying?
  • Ranking
  • Who are you?

Show them your personality so you can have a good effect on your future coaches. Be respectful, polite and address the coach in a good manner. To have a good impact do not forget to smile, many studies say it is a very useful tool.

Show an entire picture of your skills and how you increase your points.

Do not forget to present your intensity and footwork.

Make a short video. Keep in mind coaches do not have much time and you are not the only player who they are evaluating. They will not watch a 20 minutes video! Choose 8 or 12 and make it attractive, impressive and amusing.

Create a stunning video delivering your best picture quality and enjoy your tennis college. Good luck!