There is a lot to learn when it comes to tennis techniques, and at Vilas Tennis Academy we share some tips about tennis training. Tennis forehand is the first shot that players learn, and it is vital to make sure to have the right tennis techniques when executing this movement.

Improve your footwork for tennis forehand technique with the help of a video

The tennis forehand is a fundamental technique that every single player should practice. The footwork, on the other hand, is essential for tennis, as it helps players to control their balance and to build the right position for contact with the ball.

Footwork for forehand technique

In today’s lesson, Sergio Sabadello, the head coach of Vilas Tennis Academy, shows the right footwork for the forehand technique on an example of a junior tennis player from China. As you can see in the video, the player has particular footwork and a follow through, as he is usually leaning on the back foot in the moment of swing and contact. This position can be beneficial in the situations of defence, but when applied regularly, it may result in errors soon after the beginning of the game. The corrections to this case would be concerning the balance and the technique.

The right position in this situation is when the weight of the body is following the trajectory of the ball – leaning on the front foot in order to get more control of the ball and be ready for the attack. In fact, this movement is similar to the balance is boxing. In the video, the head coach of Vilas Academy teaches a junior player this particular footwork for forehand tennis technique.

This video is made to help the players of all levels to improve their footwork for tennis forehand technique. The main goal here is to make sure that the movement is performed in the most natural way possible, which would allow reducing the physical efforts of a player and to save the energy. This tip is useful for both junior and adult players, professional and beginners, so check the case of this particular lesson and improve your tennis game little by little.

At Vilas Tennis Academy, we have a personal approach to each player, applying the tips to each case separately in order to reach the best results. If you look to improve your tennis technique, consider having tennis lessons for junior players, where professional coaches will work personally on your case.