Singles tennis holidays have become a common trend and it has opened many options for those who enjoy playing tennis. Travelling alone allows you to choose more personalized experiences, where you can choose activities more in line with your hobbies and, also, meet new people who will share with you all these experiences.
The varied offer of singles holidays offers experiences for people with an active lifestyle who want to travel and practice sports, live adventurous activities and share these experiences with new people in different parts of the world. Tennis holidays are one of these fantastic options and, Mallorca is the ideal place to enjoy this type of tennis holidays.

¿ Why choose a tennis holiday for singles in Mallorca?

  1. Advantages of singles tennis holiday
  2. The pleasures of enjoying a singles tennis holiday in Mallorca
  3. Sport, health, rest and fun on a singles tennis holidays

1. Advantages of singles tennis holiday

One of the best experiences that a person who wants an active holiday can have is to travel to another city or country to practice their favourite sport and experience the advantages of playing the sport in different conditions and environments, with unknown people.

This type of travel favours the development of new techniques, strengthens the body to adapt it to different climates and terrains and, above all, helps to meet more people with the same passion for tennis. Interaction with people from other regions helps to improve the game, competitiveness and socialization.

On a singles tennis holiday, where your new companions have an affinity with your interest in this sport, friendship bonds are created by sharing sporting activities that facilitate the interactions.

The tennis holidays for singles also have, as an added value, the possibility of enjoying the experience without rushing, without compromises or distractions. The goal is to devote holiday time to what you truly like doing. Travelling alone to another country to practice tennis brings great personal and professional wealth.

2. The pleasures of enjoying a singles tennis holiday in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island with charm, dreamy landscapes and spectacular beaches and sunny days. For a sport such as tennis and for the holidays, it’s fantastic!

Tennis holidays in Mallorca is great an opportunity to improve the physical condition, the resistance, to meet people from different countries and, also, to explore the island.

On your singles tennis holiday, you can combine training with other activities such as hiking in the Serra Tramuntana, exploring the most emblematic towns and villages, enjoying magnificent beaches, practising water sports, visiting the island’s cultural heritage, tasting the local cuisine and having fun with the wide leisure offer.

If to this great plan we add tennis training to improve the game techniques in an academy with professional coaches, other players – people who share your interests and the fact that all the details of the trip are organized so that you have no worries, your singles tennis holidays will be a wonderful experience.

If you want, you can also mix group tennis lessons with individual classes to improve your level. Your fellow tennis players would assure a healthy competition and a few individual classes would reinforce your tennis technique. A coach will analyse your techniques and teach you new ones to strengthen your game.

3. Sport, health, rest and fun on a singles tennis holiday

Tennis holidays in Mallorca are the ideal way to maintain physical fitness while taking care of your health with authentic and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Resting is essential, it is the element that balances everything you want to achieve in this type of holiday. The wide offer of accommodation in Mallorca provides everything you need to relax and unwind. During your free time, you can have fun enjoying the plentiful entertainment options with the new group of friends from the academy. It will be an unforgettable holiday.

Tennis holidays for singles in Mallorca are an excellent option for all active people, of any age, who like sports, open to meet people from all over the world and who like sharing adventurous experiences.