Tennis & outstanding education program

Guillermo Vilas has based his training plan including the specific techniques and tactics he used during his career. Tennis at Vilas Academy has one of the most competitive methodologies. Consistency in sports is a must and all coaches are striving to include it. To achieve the highest level of professionalism Vilas is taking on a complete approach, a video analysis, and a complete Clay training. The main qualities to make a champion are creating strong values, discipline, and reliability. Their program is suitable for all levels and ages.


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Agora International School brings a new and outstanding education program delivering a high level in languages (Mandarin, English, French and German), music and sports according to each pupil. There are more than 30 nationalities involved at Agora and they provide exchanges with other NACE schools always supported by a local tutor.
It includes new technologies to take part in the knowledge development being able to integrate the most innovative teaching methods.
They can also enjoy flipped classrooms and collaborative projects to strength and accomplish a reasonable acquire knowledge. It encloses creative ways to learn, such as chess or abacus in order to increase children’s cognitive faculty.

Both together aims to establish a good level on the court and in classrooms, focusing on effort and every child’s personality. Through this great program, children can raise their level and proficiency to know how to manage their own emotions. It is not focusing on tennis only, but Vilas Academy college placement is also useful for future life issues.


Step 1. Get your objective straight

Step 2. Find the right preparation program

  • Tennis & Education program – what is it?
  • Tennis training program
    • Player evaluation
    • Physical & physiological aspects
    • Specific and unique plan
    • Focus on tournaments
  •  Education in class
    • International approach
    • Commitment to education values
    • High school diploma
  •  Preparation for International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • Preparing for ACT test
    • Language exams

Step 3. Consider scholarships

Step 4. Applying to international tennis bachelor

Step 5. Receiving the acceptance letter