Youth physical warm-up and dexterity drills are two important qualities a child will be able to enjoy in a kid tennis camp.

Children learn how to challenge themselves, how to be honest. It will help them to build themselves in their future life endeavors.

Get to know the importance and benefits of kids tennis camp

1. How can tennis help my kid?

2. Tennis activities for kids

3. Kids tennis camps benefits

4. The importance of passion


1. How can tennis help my kid?

Tennis builds a high physical structure, hand-eye coordination, left-right integration, and motor skills. We all know how important is to manage our time, so why not choosing a sport that builds up this ability?

Tennis is about keeping the eye on the ball, passing it, bouncing, bumping, and trapping on the side. To gather all these skills, mini tennis has four main stages: tots, red, orange, and green.

Firstly, the kid must explore the tennis sport through certain specific movements such as bouncing, balancing, and striking the ball spreading the movement out in the space. Then, running with a racket and dribble fun – managing a ball with a long tool – being conscious of the space and contrasting speeds.

The second stage of developing engages one of the most important steps, the trap pass follows; it implies passing and running. Further comes compasses, meaning hitting it contrasting direction and speed.

When the kid has passed the previous stages, he or she arrives consolidating the tennis skill for your kid, meaning to target and to take the ball, known as hard areas.

2. Tennis activities for kids

It is noteworthy that in tennis you need to use both legs and arms to move and to hit the ball. Practicing this sport, the kid will develop the essential abilities effectively including the coordination of both hands. Moreover, the child will be able to switch direction quickly and to keep balance while moving sideways.

A very nice activity to increase the ability in kids is setting two parallel lines of six cones two meters apart. Then place appropriate colored balls on top of one row of cones. To regress or progress the drill either decrease or increase the number of cones and the distance between the two lines. The players should start at the end of the line of cones without the balls on top and move between the cones picking up one ball at a time and putting it down on the next cone.

  • Toss and catch using cones (tricky one),
  • Big ball tennis
  • Tap up tennis
  • One cone one racket
  • Trap and hit
  • Progressions (1/4 hitting the ball in front, ¾ court length, ½ width, full-length ½ width)
  • Full red court

These are some of the activities the child can enjoy during a tennis camp for kids.

When assessing the child, they must make sure to put him or her with the appropriate level of coach. Tennis is about allowing to bounce the ball once, keeping the score, wanting to call the lines. It also involves bending the knees & push the ball up, trapping the ball on the racket and then drop it and hit it into space. Do not forget the little stroke and not get too mad, as it would increase the fatigue and make the game harder.

kids tennis camps benefits3. Kids tennis camps benefits

Did you know that tennis increases speed, flexibility, agility, gross & fine motor coordination?

Did you know tennis helps to avoid osteoporosis?  It is not easy to understand the basic bone biomechanics in children. However, we are going to provide some properties behind bone strength.

  • Extrinsic biomechanical properties, meaning the study and calculation of movement patterns of a specific task. It involves the size, bone mass, shape, and macrostructure.
  • Intrinsic biomechanical properties, meaning what is experiencing the inside body. It involves bone composition, microstructure, and microdamage.

According to some studies, sports are beneficial for bone geometry and bone mineral density. So, give importance to build strong bones during childhood until the “peak bone mass” to assure a future body quality.

Make sure your kid has a good diet based on calcium and vitamin D nutrients.

  • Calcium is more important during puberty when bones reach a fast speed growth. Having dairies like milk – soya and almond –, cheese and yogurts; tinned sardines, leafy vegetables except for spinach; peas, dried figs, nuts, and seeds would help your child’s bones.
  • Vitamin D is a must to help the body to absorb calcium. We all know human skin takes this vitamin from the sun especially in spring and summer – do not forget to protect your kids especially if they come to Vilas Academy in Mallorca –. Eggs, oily fishes (salmon, sardines or mackerel) and some cereals are the perfect source of vitamin D.

If the kid starts to know what is being resilient, the future professional career will be easier. Learning the meaning of loss is a very important way to give a psychological explain about failure acceptance.

Making new friends at tennis camp is a perfect method to be aware of:

  • Different social backgrounds
  • Different skill levels
  • Good ethics sharing
  • Teamwork

4. The importance of passion

It is very important to find your passion early in life. If your kid is passionate with tennis you should know it helps to build self-confidence, learn the importance of strategy in-game, and to improve mental & physical strength. It also helps to trust yourself, trust your instincts, accept responsibility and learn dedication in a high skill level.

Tennis is an activity that claims various psychological abilities. Ambition, inspiration, and passion are some of the strengths a kid must-have during the game or period the child is playing. It takes a lot of effort, commitment, persistence, the desire for participation, to get enough energy to reach the passion.

Passion is everything. If your kid loves it, everything would lead to positive thinking. Self-control, self-confidence as well as concentration are key to make a tennis player succeed. We advise you to have great communication with your child to make sure he or she is enjoying playing tennis.