Tennis life of Mallorca is exciting and full of tennis events and competitions. Throughout the year, a number of national and international tennis tournaments are held on Mallorca in different tennis venues, and tennis players travel from all over the world to show their tennis skills and to compete for the titles and rankings on this beautiful island.

Enjoy the thrill of Mallorca tennis championships

    1. Local tennis championships of Mallorca
    2. International tennis championships of Mallorca
      • Tennis Europe Junior Tour
      • ITF World Tennis Tour
      • ITF Tennis Seniors

#1 Local Tennis Championships of Mallorca

Tennis is one of the most important sports of Mallorca, and there are many local, regional, national and international tennis championships. If you want to take a look at local tennis competitions, you may enjoy such events as Mallorca Championship, Balearic Circuit, Balearic Cadete Championships and many more events of the towns, islands and regions.

The local tennis events are celebrated at the annual Gala dinner. This event includes a big celebration with the tennis family of the Balearic Islands. The traditional moments of the dinner include the Gold Badges delivery, recognition of outstanding figures of this year, delivery of trophies to the winners of the Championships of Mallorca and Balearic Islands, individual and by teams.

mallorca tennis tournaments

#2 International Tennis Championships of Mallorca 

Mallorca is an island that attracts not only tourists but also tennis players of all levels and ages to train and to participate in tennis competitions. There are many tournaments that are held on the island, and here we will cover the most important tennis championships of Mallorca.

Tennis Europe Junior Tour

Tennis Europe Junior Tour is one of the most famous junior tennis championships in Europe, and it is a common choice for players to launch their professional career at this competition. Many world-famous tennis players started their successful careers at Tennis Europe Junior Tour: Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin, Caroline Wozniacki, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Victoria Azarenka, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and much more.

This tennis championship is hosted by multiple countries, as it consists of tournaments all over Europe. Players from anywhere in the world are welcome to participate in the competitions. The events of Tennis Europe Junior Tour are held all year round, and the calendar of is normally published in October and April. This championship of Europe Circuit has various rankings that depend on the age of a player. There are three age groups: 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 16 & Under.

There is a number of events, some of which are hosted on the island of Mallorca. Vilas Tennis Academy is proud to be hosting various events of Tennis Europe Junior Tour, that include VILAS TROPHY 12 & Under, VILAS TROPHY 14 & Under, and VILAS TROPHY 14 & Under and 14 & Under.

ITF World Tennis Tour

This tennis championship is rather new, as it was launched in 2017 as the culmination of a series of ITF reforms that were set to support the development of junior players. It is designed to be a pathway between the junior and the elite levels of professional tennis. From 2019, ITF World Tenis Tour has taken place for all former Pro Circuit and Junior Circuit championships. Players of ages of 14 and above can play in ITF World Tennis Tour.

There are three tennis championships that are united under the ITF World Tennis Tour umbrella, and from them, various events are hosted in Mallorca and at Vilas Tennis Academy:

ITF World Tennis Tour 25$+ is a category where competitions offer ATP and WTP ranking points (Men: $25,000; Women: $25,000 – $100,000), and also awarding ITF World Tennis Ranking points.

ITF World Tennis Tour 15$ has Men’s and Women’s $15,000 competitions offering ITF World Tennis Ranking points. Vilas Tennis Academy is a host of a number of events of this category, that is normally held in January and February.

ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors includes Junior competitions (Grade A-5) offering ITF Junior World Ranking points.

ITF Tennis Seniors Circuit

The ITF Seniors Circuit is a group of tennis championships that offer a variety of events that range based on ages in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The age categories range from 35 to 85. The Circuit includes more than 380 tournaments that are hosted in more than 72 countries all over the world. The number of players participating in the championship annually almost reaches 25,000 players.

Various events of ITF Tennis Seniors are being staged in Mallorca, and Vilas Tennis Academy is honoured to host ITF Tennis Seniors tournaments of the draws from +35 to +70 of singles, doubles and mixed doubles.


Mallorca is an island that has a strong tennis culture and people from all over the world travel here to enjoy the thrill of the tennis championships while taking in all the wonders of this beautiful destination. A professional tennis training, offered on this island persuades many international tennis players to come and train here so that they can then not only participate in but also win the recognized professional tennis championships.