Tennis can be more than sport, it can be a perfect activity to enjoy on a personal or family holiday. Europe is the most famous region for tennis holidays, and there are a few destinations you can choose from to find the best option for you.

Find the best place for your tennis holidays in Europe

Tennis is a sport that is well-suited for an active family holiday, as all family members can participate and play together, no matter the age. A nice doubles game will bring emotions and adrenaline to the holiday. Enjoying tennis holidays alone can also turn out as a wonderful plan for a trip, as tennis is a great way to meet people.

Europe has some excellent tennis destinations, and you can choose the one that suits you best, be it the paradisaical setting of Spanish islands or a quiet tennis break in the UK.

  1. Enjoy tennis holidays in Spain, the Mediterranean paradise
  2. Disconnect on a tranquil tennis break in the UK
  3. Combine tennis holidays with other sports

#1 Enjoy tennis holidays in Spain, the Mediterranean paradise

When it comes to tennis, Spain is the first country that comes to mind. And that’s no wonder – tennis has become a widely popular sport in Spain, and the image of the country in the world of tennis is getting better by the day, with the latest accomplishments of the Spanish tennis players. The growing popularity of the sport has resulted in an increase in the number of tennis courts and clubs across the country, and tennis professionals from all over the world choose Spain for their tennis training.

While professional coaches and proven methodology is surely a solid reason to choose Spain, it is not the only one. Spain is a famous tourist destination, thanks to its climate and breath-taking nature. Its beautiful beaches attract those who want to enjoy the sea and sun holiday and to explore the charming Spanish villages.

Mallorca is one of the best regions for tennis holidays in Spain. This paradise-like island is as passionate about tennis as it is about tourism. Mallorca is a wonderful destination, and you can count on both a magnificent setting and professional coaching. As a world-famous destination, Mallorca has become quite international, and its tennis academies have coaches that would accommodate the language needs of its players.

#2 Disconnect on a tranquil tennis break in the UK

For those who do not look for the sun and the beach and seek tranquillity, one of the good options would be a tennis break in the UK. You can opt for a tennis holiday is such tranquil regions as Sussex or Oxford, or choose the abundance of leisure options and have your tennis holidays in London.

As the weather conditions can be somewhat unpredictable, it is advisable to consider tennis academies that offer both outdoor and indoor training. If you want to fully disconnect and relax on your tennis holidays, you may consider choosing an academy in a tranquil area with additional services such as spa treatments.

#3 Combine tennis holidays with other sports

Sports holidays can include various activities, and if feel like trying different sports, you can do it on your holidays. For example, one option would be to add surfing to your tennis holidays in Europe. Spain and Portugal have regions with lovely waves, and you can enjoy sporting activities on both land and sea.

Hiking can be a good addition to your tennis holiday. There are destinations that offer many hiking and trekking routes for you to enjoy. Mallorca, for example, is widely known for its mountains and its breath-taking views. Golf is also a common choice as a holiday activity. Most of the tennis destinations such as France, Spain and more, have a good offer of golf courses. Other options can be sailing, horse riding and many more.


There are many options to choose from when looking for a perfect destination for your tennis holidays in Europe. Depending on your preferences about the type of holiday and other activities that you would like to include for your holiday, you can choose the one that would suit you best.