What makes your kids happy? Tennis can become one of favourite activities of your child, and it is beneficial to both their health and overall development. Where to begin? When to start lessons? Find the answers to these questions below.

1. Benefits of playing tennis for kids

It is not a surprise that better physical state is one of the most known benefits of kids playing sports. As most physical activity, tennis classes for kids are very beneficial for health and well-being of children. Our program includes a certain amount of training that assures a healthy physical state of players. We have just enough tennis training sessions to provide a balanced physical activity that will improve your child’s speed, power, endurance, strength, balance and overall

One of the other important benefits of playing tennis for kids is that tennis prepares children for life through sport. Tennis training teaches children discipline and dedication, which helps them to reach their goals in sport and in life. By doing a tennis training program, junior players not only improve their level of tennis game, but also obtain the necessary confidence and mindset to become successful in their future adult life.

Another benefit of tennis is that it helps develop a winning mindset for kids. The Tennis Academy breathes the atmosphere of competition, which brings excitement and thrill to the training process, motivating the young players to practice more to reach the best results. Developing a winning mindset for junior players helps them achieve their goals.

2. Teaching kids tennis – where to start

Teaching kids tennis is not a simple task, and it is important to consider different aspects, such as a better age for starting tennis lessons, finding the right academy and the right coach, deciding on the best type of training sessions, and more. But before answering any of these questions, you should answer the one and the main one: Why tennis for your kid? What is the objective of his training?

Once you understand the goal and the motivation for tennis training for your child, it will help answer all other questions. Deciding whether you seek to raise a tennis champion or tennis is only a fun hobby for your kid is essential. Setting the goals does not mean that you will not be able to change them in the future, but it will help you orient yourself and find the best coaching for kids.

3. When to start tennis lessons for kids?

The perfect age for starting tennis training would vary depending on the abilities and skills of a kid and also depending on the objectives you have for training. It is never too late to start and to try tennis for the first time, but what is a good age to start playing tennis for kids, if you were to plan it?

A good age when to start tennis lessons for kids is 5 – 6 years of age. Why? Because at this age, children normally already have a developed coordination and they are ready for socialization. Another important factor is that at this age kids have a better capacity to keep focused and to pay essential attention to the class.

Starting tennis lessons for kids at this age is very beneficial for the child development at this stage. Tennis helps develop visual-motor coordination and strengthen muscles. It improves reaction speed and reflexes. Furthermore, tennis helps kids concentrate and stimulates wit and tactical thinking.

4. Tennis lesson plans for kids

Tennis lessons for kids should be adjusted to the age and the level of tennis of a child. When planning tennis lessons for kids, the first question to be answered can be a type of lesson you want to opt for. There are group tennis lessons for kids, private tennis lessons for kids, or tennis camps for kids. They all have their benefits, and your decision would depend on the objective of tennis training of your child. Group tennis lessons have proven to be the most beneficial format of tennis training for kids, as it involves a great deal of interaction between young players. Group session means that a tennis coach can plan some fun games to include everyone. The best size of a group for an effective training session is 2-4 players.

When considering different tennis lesson plans for kids, it is important to remember that one of the most important factors of tennis coaching for kids is make sure that kids have fun. If a child enjoys tennis, he or she will have the motivation to improve the game and to reach better results. A game component of training is essential.

Tennis is more than stokes, and tennis lesson plans for kids should include education about this sport. Parents of young tennis players should make sure that those who are planning lessons for kids do not overlook the education about the values of sport.

5. How to teach kids to play tennis?

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of fun for tennis coaching for kids. That is why the answer to the question how to teach kids to play tennis is simple: make it fun. Exciting games and daily little competitions with fellow players will keep the spark for tennis going and will motivate your kid to train more. There is no doubt that you need to find the professional tennis coach for your kid in order to learn the correct movements and techniques, but do not forget that your kid should genuinely enjoy the process of tennis training.

On the other hand, coaches of the academy should create a safe environment to ensure the best conditions for tennis classes for kids. The coaches should be highly professional when it comes to safety and security, so that no child stays out of sight. Training individually or in small groups of maximum 4 players would allow making sure to give personal attention to each player. Respect is an essential value in dealing with each student. Tennis trainers should dedicate special time to explain the safety techniques to the players in order to prevent injuries. Also, the location of the academy is important, and safe environment around the academy would make the training lessons for kids more tranquil and safe.

6. Fun tennis games for kids

Including fun tennis games for kids would make tennis training exciting and memorable, and will make your kid look forward to the next lessons. Professional tennis coaches that specialize on tennis for kids normally have dozens of fun tennis games for kids prepared for classes. Depending on the objectives of the training, games can take different forms. It can be a tennis training to improve a certain tennis movement or technique, or it can be a simple fun tennis game for kids to warm up and to lift the spirits up and to prepare body and mind to the lesson.

Kids love tennis games, and that is why group tennis lessons for kids are more effective when compared to private tennis lessons. When training in a small group of 2-4 players, kids have the necessary interaction with other players, and the coach can include fun tennis games for kids to the training. On the other hand, a small number of players ensure a safe and effective tennis lesson, where a coach can attend to every player.

7. Tennis diet plan for kids

A healthy nutrition for junior players is paramount for those who want to achieve success in tennis. It is not hard to create a tennis diet plan for kids that would benefit your child and would help improve her or his tennis game.

As in any other sports, the first thing to do in order to build the right tennis diet plan is to say no to fast food and processed food, and drinks that are full of sugar. Choose natural and organic products for meals and snacks, such as whole grained bread or pasta, low fat meat (chicken or fish for example), and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Planning tennis diet around the tournaments is also important. It is advisable to avoid heavy meals with red meat before the competition. Plan snacks that a young tennis player can have during the tournament, such as banana or yogurt.

Hydration is a vital part of tennis diet plan for kids, and you should make sure that your kid has enough water before, during and after tennis training, especially if the lesson or competition is conducted outside and in higher temperatures, as in summer months.

8. How to choose kids tennis clothes?

Selecting kids’ tennis clothes has become much easier now that there is such a great offer in sporting shops and online. Finding right kids’ tennis clothes can help motivate your child and make tennis training more enjoyable.

The most important quality of kids’ tennis clothes is that a kid is comfortable wearing these clothes and training in them. If your kid’s tennis trainers are too tight, or if your kid’s tennis skirt is too large, it will not only be hard to train properly, but a lesson can easily become a nightmare for a child. Comfortable tennis clothes will make sure that nothing is distracting your kid and that he or she feels good on the court.

Choosing a good material for your kid’s tennis clothes is also important. Cotton, for example, would be a good option, as it is comfortable and soft. Cotton is often mixed with other materials such as spandex or polyester. Tennis clothes made from these materials have properties that facilitate effective training: they are elastic, light and they dry quickly.

Maybe the most important factor to consider when choosing kids tennis clothes is that your child should like the clothes he or she is using. If they are happy wearing these clothes, it is certain that they will have a better tennis training. Choose their favourite colours and prints and see how wearing these clothes will bring smile to the face of your child.

Full Boarding Program

For players from 12 years old, we have the option of a Full Boarding Program. The program includes tennis training sessions, accommodation, transfer and balanced meals.

Arrival and departure

It is allowed to arrive to the Full Boarding Program during the weekend, especially in cases of international flights. Player must send complete flight information at least 3 days prior to arrival in order to get vouchers for transfers.

Services of Full Boarding Program

  • Transfer Airport-Academy-Airport
  • Accommodation at the academy’s facilities
    Shared rooms with A/C, Bathroom, and cleaning service
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Balanced meals
    3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the academy restauran
  • Technical training program
    Tennis & fitness (morning and afternoon)

Programs for school for champions

High Performance Junior – Over 12

  • Junior players from 12 to 18 years old
  • For players of all levels
  • Full Boarding or Non-Boarding
  • Weekly rate
  • Available during all year
Daily Training Schedule*

High Performance Junior – Under 12

  • Junior players from 7 to 12 years old
  • For players of all levels
  • Non-Boarding program
  • Weekly rate
  • Available during all year
  • Option of additional individual training session
Daily Training Schedule*

Add accommodation to your program

High Performance Junior with Apartment Ponent Mar****

  • Junior players from 7 to 18 years old
  • Weekly rates include:
    • 5 days of full day training program
    • Apartment for family
    • Free transfer from and to the airport

High Performance Junior with Apartment in Palmanova Beach for family

  • Junior players from 7 to 18 years old
  • Available during all year
  • Weekly rates include:
    • Training program for Juniors
    • Apartment for family – 4 pax
    • Free transfer from and to the airport

Special packages

Winter package: High Performance Junior with Zafiro Palace Hotel*****

  • Junior players from 12 to 18 years old
  • Not available during Christmas period (From 18/12 to 6/01)
  • Weekly rates include:
    • 5 days of full day training program
    • Junior Suite for family – 3 pax
    • Free transfer from and to the airport


What type of tennis lessons for kids should I choose?

Group lessons in small groups of 2-4 players are the most effective for tennis training for children, as they involve interaction between players and a small number of children in the group facilitates personal approach and analysis of the game by the coach.

What are the benefits of tennis for children?

Amongst other, the benefits of tennis for kids include a better physical state of a child, discipline, and development of and a winning mindset that will help players take responsibility and handle not only tennis on court, but also make decisions in their life.

Will tennis help to make my kid happy?

When tennis training is seen as a game, children enjoy training sessions and want to go back to court to have more fun with their fellow players. The right approach to tennis lessons makes children fall in love with the game and enjoy it immensely.

How can tennis prepare my child for adult life?

During tennis training sessions, children work not only on improving tennis techniques but also on tactics and strategies. Also, children are educated about the values and culture of sports that they bring to their adult life. The ability to make quick decisions, set goals and work hard to get these goals, discipline and dedication, respect to other players and people are some of the abilities that children can obtain through tennis training.

Do I need specific tennis information for kids?

In order to choose the right tennis training for kids, you should know some specific information that will help you plan tennis lessons for kids. Tennis training for children is different from adult tennis, so the approach to tennis coaching should be tailored to the age, level and goals of a child.

What are coaching games for kids?

Coaching games for kids are exercises, drills and games designed to improve tennis techniques and physical state of players. Most of tennis coaching games have a competitive character set to motivate players and bring a spark of competition to tennis training sessions.