The tennis serve is the start point of any tennis game, and it is often the first impression of a tennis player. A ball toss is an essential part of the tennis serve, and here you can learn the correct technique of tennis serve toss with the video lesson from the professional trainers of Vilas Tennis Academy.

Improve your tennis serve by perfecting the ball toss and the serve toss placement

Tennis serve ball toss is a number one element of the tennis serve. Having a consistent ball toss would make the service much easier, smoother and more professional. Tennis training with the proven methodology and experienced coaches will help you perfect your tennis techniques.

The key to the right ball toss is having the ball “placed” directly to the contact point. The player should feel as though he/she is placing the ball at the contact spot, so it is important to make sure that the movement of the arm is clean and simple. Tennis serve toss placement is the focus of today’s video lesson.

One of the mistakes that players make is tossing the ball too high. That way, it is harder to control contact as the player hits the ball when it is falling down and already moving with a higher speed. Another common mistake is that players hold the ball in the palm of their hand, and in the moment of tossing produce too much spinning that affects the serve. The movement that will be analysed and corrected in today’s video lesson is the circular movement of the tossing arm.

Practising tennis serve toss placement – correcting the circular movement of the tossing arm

Today we have a tennis training of a junior player from Italy with the head coach of Vilas Tennis Academy – Sergio Sabadello. The name of the player is Daniel Bagnolini, he is about to turn 16 years old. The objective of this tennis training is to improve some details of the serve ball toss.

The problem of the present technique is that the left arm of the player – the one that is tossing the ball – does a movement that is too circular during the first ball toss. During the second serve, the movement of the left arm goes well. But the objective of the training is to improve tennis technique so that the first serve and the first serve ball toss is executed correctly.

The practice of the ball toss of the player will consist in making sure that instead of turning his left arm backwards, the player moves it pointing directly to the contact point. In order to observe the movement of the player from different perspectives, the coach takes different positions around the player. During the training, the coach notes other moments of the tennis serve of the player, such as the position of the body and footwork, for example, the way that bent knees affect the serve ball toss.

At the end of this training session, the player has achieved a much cleaner serve through practising the correct movement of the ball toss. In tennis, the simpler and cleaner the movements, the better is the tennis game of a player. On the other hand, if the technique is too complex and complicated, it doesn’t work and does not help the player.


A correct and consistent ball toss is essential for the tennis game of any player, as it is a vital part of the serve. By working on the technique of your ball toss with the professional coaches, you will achieve the clean and easy movement that will be the successful starting point of a successful tennis game.