Each season Vilas Academy hosts several dates of the European Circuit tennis tournament. We train professional and beginner players so that they can receive assistance to get ready for the competition and to improve their results.

1. What are the biggest tennis tournaments?

The world of tennis is exciting and thrilling, and tennis tournaments each year attract millions of people to courts all over the world. There are many championships and competitions, but the major tennis tournaments are only a few. From all the range of tennis events, ITF Grand Slam tournaments are considered to be the biggest tennis tournaments in the world: Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon.

Tennis tournaments can be played on different surfaces, such as hard, clay and grass. In ITF Grand Slam tournaments, all surfaces are present, and players should be able to compete on each one of them.

From the three surfaces, many players prefer playing on clay courts. So, which tennis tournaments are played on clay? There are plenty: French Open from ITF Gran Slams, various ATP World Tour Tournaments, some of the WTA Tour tournaments, and many more.

There are many tennis tournaments of different scale, and each tennis champion started somewhere far from major Grand Slams: on national and international junior tournaments, demonstrating their skill and moving closer to achieving the title of a champion. So while the biggest tennis tournaments may seem too far right now, each tennis player has a shot of competing before the grand public.

2. How to enter tennis tournaments?

In tennis, there are three ways to enter tennis tournaments: Qualifying, Direct Entry and Wild Card. Choosing how to join tennis tournaments would depend on the options for each player that are mostly defined by his or her ranking.

Qualifying is the way to enter a tennis tournament that is often used by beginner professionals to enter their first tournaments. It is when a player has played one or more matches in a qualifying tournament and was awarded a qualifying spot in the main draw. These slots are reserved in the main draw, and the number of the qualifying slots normally depends on the size of the main draw. Players typically are chosen for qualifying tournaments based on their current ranking, and often tournaments have pre-qualifying tournaments that are open for any player.

Direct Entry is a way to join tennis tournaments by participating in the main draw of the tournament when the current ranking of a tennis player qualified him or her for a spot. Normally, the ranking that is taken into consideration is the ranking of 2-3 weeks before the start of the tournament.

Wildcard entry is an option how to join tennis tournaments for those players whose ranking did not qualify them to participate in the main draw. Most of the tournaments have wildcard slots, and typically, for the regular draw there are 2-4 wildcard slots, and for major tournaments (128 player draw) there can be 8 wildcard slots. Wildcard slots are awarded by the tournament director, and in order to be considered for the slot, a tennis player needs to request a wildcard.

3. How to train for a tennis tournament?

In order to perform well on the tennis tournament, players should get special training in an academy that would provide personalised professional assistance and guidance before and during competition. Each tennis tournament has its own specifics, and it is important to prepare for each tournament.

In case of junior players, it is essential to have a special training before their first tournament so that they are prepared for their first experience in an international competition. The preparation should include both physical training and psychological aspect in order so that a child is fully aware what to expect at the tournament.

4. Mallorca tennis tournaments

Mallorca is proud to be a tennis destination, and multiple tennis events and competitions are held on the island throughout the year. Mallorca tennis tournaments attract players and spectators from all over the world to come and enjoy an exciting and thrilling experience in a dream-like destination. Among the most famous Mallorca tennis tournaments, ITF World Tour, ITF Seniors Tour and Tennis Europe Junior Tour can be highlighted.

Tennis is one of the most important sports of Mallorca, and you will find various national and international championships in the tennis agenda of Mallorca. Players and visitors alike look forward to the next tennis tournament to have a reason to come to this beautiful island. Mallorca has a strong tennis culture, and besides competitions, other tennis events are held, such as the annual Gala Dinner to celebrate the latest winners of the tennis family of the Balearic Islands.

5. Tennis Europe Junior Tour

Since its creation in 1990, Tennis Europe Junior Tour has been the stage for many young tennis players to launch their sports career. Such famous players as Justine Henin, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova and many others have won their first rounds at the Tennis Europe Junior Tour.

Tennis Europe Junior Tour is one of the most important championships for junior players among tennis Europe tournaments. This tennis junior tournament is divided into three age groups: 16 & Under, 14 & Under and 12 & Under. The matches of Tennis Europe Junior are staged across 46 nations of Tennis Europe, and more than 12,000 players are participating in the championship each year.

Junior players from all over the world come to participate and to get their Tennis Europe ranking points. From all under 12 tennis tournaments and U14 tennis tournaments, Tennis Europe Junior Tour has been the most prestigious tournament in Europe. The Tennis Europe points system is not hard to understand: besides rankings of the three age groups, there is “Player of the Year” ranking and a season-ending Masters tournament for the top eight players of each group.

For many junior players, Tennis Europe Junior Tour is the first tennis tournament, it is their first international competition, where they can demonstrate their skills. That is why it is important that the child receives the proper training in order to perform their best and to get the best of this exciting experience

6. ITF Tennis

The tournaments of ITF Tennis are the most prestigious in the world, and they include such famous competitions as Grand Slam tournaments, Olympic and Paralympic Games, Davis Cup, ITF World Tour and many more.

ITF Tennis tournaments offer rankings not only of ITF tours or circuits but also ATP and WTA ranking points for men and women.

6.1. What are ITF Tennis Tournaments?

ITF Tennis Tournaments are the tournaments held by International Tennis Federation, the governing body of world tennis, wheelchair tennis, and beach tennis. ITF competitions have many tournaments: both team and individual. Team tournaments include Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup, Olympics and Paralympics. Individual tournaments include Grand Slam tournaments, ITF World Tennis Tour, Seniors circuit, Wheelchair circuit and Beach tennis circuit.

The newest addition to ITF Tennis Tournaments is the ITF World Tennis Tour – a competition that has replaced the former Professional Circuit and Junior Circuit from 2019. Many changes had been made to create a program that would support talented players in their progression to the senior game. In the ITF World Tennis Tour, the following tournaments are offered: ITF World Tennis Tour 25s+ that offers ATP and WTA ranking points for men and women with prize money for men $25,000 and for women $25,000 – $100,000; ITF World Tennis Tour 15s for men and women that offers ITF World Tennis Ranking points and a prize of $15,000; and ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors for junior players of Grade A-5 offering ITF Junior World Ranking points.

ITF World Tennis Tour 2019


Competition with the new ranking system to replace Transition Tour
6 events.
We introduce our new events for 2019 to compete and enjoy the tennis passion in a paradisiac place – Mallorca.

6.2. ITF Junior Tennis Tournaments

As a replacement of a former Junior Circuit, ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors is now the major competition of the ITF tennis tournament juniors. The new program is designed to support junior players and facilitate their pathway towards professional tennis.

With the purpose to allow the successful players of ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors to progress more quickly to the next level of the tournament, the design of the competition includes reserved places in higher-level tournaments for those players who are highly-ranked on the ITF Junior World Ranking and ITF World Tennis Ranking.

6.3. ITF Seniors Tennis Tournaments

The ITF Seniors Circuit is a tournament that is open to players of all rankings, who want to enjoy tennis with fellow players from all over the world. In order to enter the ITF Seniors tennis tournaments, a player would need to apply for the IPIN.

The ITF Seniors tennis tournaments include over 380 competitions in more than 72 countries. The ITF Seniors World Individual Championships is the highest ranked competition, and it is open for both female and male players in the age categories of 50, 55 and 60. The ranking points are offered for the singles main draw and consolation, and the tournament has singles, doubles and mixed doubles, and consolation draws.

Enjoy your tennis passion with players from all over the world. Prepare for the tournaments to improve your level, compare with other players, but more importantly have fun and make friends around this beautiful sport, embrace of the sun of Mallorca.

Tennis Europe Junior Tour


The launch of professional tennis career for Junior players.
In the case of the U12 tournaments, for some children, this competition can be their first experience in an international tournament and we provide specific professional training to prepare them for this new stage.
10 events

ITF World Tennis Tour 2019


Competition with the new ranking system to replace Transition Tour
6 events.
We introduce our new events for 2019 to compete and enjoy the tennis passion in a paradisiac place – Mallorca.

ITF Senior Tour


During the Vilas Senior Cups, official ITF Senior Tournament, you will be able to compete, even if you don’t have any ranking on the circuit, you just only have to apply for the IPIN on the web of the ITF Senior Tournaments.