Autumn break in Mallorca : Improve like a PRO with VILAS Tennis Holidays Packages

The Autumn holidays are an ideal period to visit the academy and also to enjoy as a family in Mallorca.
Find excellent prices valid for the entire month of October including the best hotels, all located in Palmanova, just a few minutes walk.
Programs available for juniors and adults, of all levels, but eager to improve!
We prepare the tennis packages according to your needs and the dates of your flights
Tennis training programs + hotel accommodation + airport transfers – hotel – airport.
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Get ready for Tennis Europe Junior Tour Events at Vilas Academy

Get ready for Tennis Europe Junior Tour Events at Vilas Academy

Looking for results ?

Join VILAS High Performance program for junior players playing Tennis Europe Junior Tour events.

How we can help  ? 

We provide personalised attention to achieve objectives, working individually providing the experience of our professional coaches. Working with a proven methodology , with international success.

In the case of the U12 tournaments, for some children it will be their first experience in an international tournament.
Some of the aspects where the academy can help in this stage of development are:

How to prepare for the competition
What is the game pattern of the player?
What routines you must follow before and during each match.
Coach’s feedback about the matches played by applying it to the training sessions.


The professional program is available from a week, in option with or without accommodation and full board.
Registered players in our programs are also guaranteed participation in the event, by WC  if necessary.






Next events April 2019  :

BS14, GS14, BD14, GD14
Online entry at
Entry open:
11 February 2019 00:00 GMT
Entry deadline:
12 March 2019 14:00 GMT
Withdrawal deadline:
26 March 2019 14:00 GMT
Tournament days
6 April 2019 to 14 April 2019


BS12, GS12, BD12, GD12
Online entry at
Entry open:
25 February 2019 00:00 GMT
Entry deadline:
26 March 2019 14:00 GMT
Withdrawal deadline:
09 April 2019 14:00 GMT
Tournament days
20 April 2019 to 28 April 2019


Click here to see more details :  Vilas Assistance on Tennis Europe event

In the Vilas Tennis Academy we have a strong commitment with new tennis players generations, so we invite you to be part of our High-Performance Junior programs, which will help you improve with the support of the best trainers


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Hanwen LI, winner of Hong Kong ITF Junior tournament

We are very proud of the development work is doing coach Zhang Wei with Chinese Junior team.
This week Hanwen li , 15 years old player has won the title at Hong kong ITF event .
Players are working hard and getting results.





VILAS TEAM : a unique development program

VILAS TEAM : a unique development program

VILAS TEAM : Development program for junior players
At Vilas Academy we are delighted to work with Sebastian Baez, Argentine player and current world number 2 in ITF junior ranking. Sebastian, from Argentina, is trained from a very young age by another tennis legend, Jose Luis Clerc (ex # 4 of the ATP world)
Sebastian has also been several weeks as number 1 in the world this season and is finalist of the last Roland Garros.
This week Sebastian is working hard and very motivated to continue achieving good results and improving on his way to professional.
At video Sebastian training with coach Sebastian Gutierrez and Head coach Sergio Sabadello.
VILAS TEAM : Programa de desarrollo para jugadores junior.
En Vilas Academy , estamos encantados de trabajar con Sebastian Baez, jugador argentino y actual número 2 del mundo en ITF ranking junior. Sebastian , proveniente de Argentina , es entrenado desde muy joven por otra leyenda del tenis , Jose Luis Clerc (  ex #4 del mundo ATP ) 
Sebastian ha estado además varias semanas como número 1 del mundo esta temporada y es finalista del último Roland Garros.
Esta semana se encuentra trabajando muy motivado para seguir consiguiendo buenos resultados y mejorando en su camino a profesional . En el video Sebastian entrenando con coach Sebastian Gutierrez y Head coach Sergio Sabadello.

Vilas Summer Tennis Camps

Vilas Summer Tennis Camps

Still have not registered for our summer programs?
Every week, until the end of August, you have the opportunity to join an intensive program to improve your level of tennis while you enjoy your holidays,
For players from 8 years old, of all levels,

In the training program, player will do different exercises with intensity, designed to improve each shot through different situations.

Even during the same day, player will have sessions with different coaches of our team, all working with the same methodology, but each one will surely contribute something different for the improvement.

Tennis requires a variety of physical attributes including speed, power, endurance, strength, balance and specific playing skills. For both competitive and social players we follow and intensive daily conditioning and training program to cope with the demands of play and reduce the risk of injury.



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High Performance Under 12 players

High Performance Under 12 players

Do you know why our special tennis training program for under 12 players is so positive for children’s’ emotional and physical development? Here you have some of the most important benefits that the young people may get from this practice:

Early start

The primary school and early-secondary school years are a crucial time during which children acquire coordination and complex technical skills. If they play several games or sports during this period they enjoy significant physical advantages over kids who don’t experience or engage with sport.

Tennis, in particular, provides countless physical benefits for children of this age. It develops their hand-eye coordination, gross motor control (through court movement and ball striking), fine motor control (through finessed drop shots and angled volleys), balance and body coordination, all the while building acceleration, speed, leg strength, agility and flexibility. Tennis also promotes overall good health in children, as well as it improves bone strength and density, and a robust immune system.

Lessons for life
From a psychological standpoint, children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court.

Because they’re out there on their own, and often calling their own lines while competing, children learn to accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes and can begin to manage them more effectively. They must learn to respond to adversity, adapt to different situations and environments, and deal with stress, often compounded when scores are tight or if they’re losing. Both in practice and competitive environments, tennis fosters work ethic, discipline, and sportsmanship in children, and hones their strategic and problem-solving skills.

Working together
Tennis also fosters social skills: children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from the necessary communication with singles opponents before, during and after matches.

For all its individuality, tennis can be a remarkably social game. Contesting a game of doubles, playing in a team at club level, joining a group tennis lesson or Cardio Tennis workout, bringing a plate of food to a social tennis competition, or heading away with a group of friends for a tournament are all ways in which tennis can bring people together

The flow-on effects from this are obvious: it helps you make new friends, expand social circles, meet like-minded people and build networks. And there are some less-obvious but equally significant benefits to this. Social support can be an important factor in the management of stress. If you play tennis primarily as a form of exercise, doing so as part of a team or group means you’re more likely to commit to that exercise and develop a routine, therefore enjoying the maximum benefits it provides.

Teamwork is essential
In doubles, the necessary strategies and communication involved are great for building teamwork skills. Plus, there are several opportunities to provide encouragement to your partner and enjoy the support they offer to you, which is a whole extra element to hitting tennis balls


A natural pain and stress reliever
There’s the belief that exercise leads to the production of endorphins in the brain that are released into the body, acting as natural pain and stress relievers and promoting feelings of euphoria and invigoration. Another is that exercise serves as a welcome distraction from the stresses of everyday life; you can’t think about these when you’re concentrating on beating an opponent on the match court.

Tennis, being a sport with multiple repeat opportunities – created by the unique scoring system – helps in keeping up your hope and optimism. But you don’t have to play a match to enjoy such psychological benefits. With multiple ways to approach the game, such as simply rallying without scoring, doing drills or playing different forms of the game like doubles, you can feel more in control of your tennis session because of the variety of options available.

There are several more mental health benefits that flow on from physical activity:

Improved alertness: the negative effects of stress and fatigue on concentration and memory can be countered with exercise, and in the case of memory, even boosted.
Better regulation of serotonin: with this brain chemical linked to functions such as the sleep-wake cycle, appetite and libido, this can improve mood and feelings of well-being, and even help alleviate depression.
Increased calmness and relaxation: the theory goes that this is achieved because vigorous exercise can decrease muscle tension.
Enhanced body image and self-esteem: regular physical activity can lead to positive changes in our bodies, boosting our self-perception and self-confidence. There’s also the personal satisfaction that comes with taking charge and adopting a healthier lifestyle.
And with several studies indicating that those who exercise regularly have a more positive outlook, there’s plenty of incentive to pick up a racquet.